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The biggest difference between your wired and wireless internet connection is the cable. The cable connection uses a router or a network card (usually built on the computer) and a cable that connects the computer to the router. In contrast, wireless Internet connection is not very difficult. The only component you need is your computer and router. How does wireless internet work? Well, your provider will have a Wi-Fi tower designed to receive radio signals from service providers. The antenna on your computer receives signals from the tower. So, when your computer receives the wireless signals from the nearest tower correctly, you are connected to the Internet.

In its struggle to provide better service to its customers, companies have established wireless internet centers in certain areas. In many cases, this service is provided free of charge by business owners to attract more customers. As mentioned earlier, wireless Internet service providers use remote wireless signals to connect end users to the Internet. However, due to the limited range of radio signals, it became weaker when it moved away from the tower. Therefore, users must be in certain areas to enjoy unlimited connectivity. If you move away from the tower, you will be cut off. For services that promise access to the Internet while traveling, this is a small loss. Perhaps this is why wireless Internet services have not been able to disconnect the entire market for cable connections.

One of the main advantages of wireless internet is that it is said to offer greater reliability than cable connections. Service providers benefit from the fact that they do not have to pay for cable or satellite transmission. On the other hand, there are some concerns about the effects of radiation on users' health. It is said that the wireless Internet emits three times the radiation emitted by mobile phones. Therefore, it is considered dangerous for health even though this study is not confirmed. Another feature is the compatibility of different devices that can use Wi-Fi connections. People with mobile phones or PDAs with Web browsers can easily connect to the Internet where Wi-Fi services are available.

Because cell phones are now complete to make life easier for their users, they can do everything the computer can do. Operating systems are now available on the mobile phone so they can connect and calculate needs. As a result, wireless Internet access in the near future gives us access 24 hours a day without interruptions. If you include advances in science and technology, I think people can connect to the Internet wirelessly. Thanks to its comfort and simplicity, it will play a key role in redefining how we live on this planet.

Now there is a request for a better solution to unlimited communication called cyber space. Mobile Internet is not fast enough to be called a viable option. But now with more and more advanced technology, cellular Internet has grown rapidly. It has the ability to provide wireline services for Internet connections for money. So, is wireless internet really better than wired internet? Yes, it seems so.
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